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Our Strategy

Our Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Plan guides organisational culture and provides direction for decision-making and actions towards 2025 to ensure the delivery of the Chambers mission for its members.

Collaboration & Innovation

Camden Haven Chamber will seek opportunities to collaborate with other organisations in the region such as Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Port Chamber, Wauchope Chamber, NSW Business Chamber, Greater Port Macquarie Tourism Association and training providers such as Charles Sturt University and TAFE to open opportunities for professional development, best practice and innovation for its members and the local business in the Camden Haven.

Camden Haven Chamber will seek opportunities to collaborate with Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to work on projects aimed at supporting innovation, revitalisation of Laurieton, and attracting new business to the Camden Haven.

Camden Haven Chamber will provide opportunities and support to its members and the local business community to connect and collaborate with each other encouraging partnerships, packaging of products and innovation.

Camden Haven Chamber will proactively seek out complimentary groups to align with and build productive formal working relationships. Organisations such as Rotary, Apex, Bonny Hills Progress association, Lake Cathie Progress association, Revive Lake Cathie and other emerging organisations.

Camden Haven Chamber will seek opportunities to collaborate with local and regional media that will provide collaborative marketing opportunities for its members and the wider business community.

Representation & Information

Camden Haven Chamber will represent its members and the Camden Haven business community to local, state and federal government on issues affecting local business.

Camden Haven Chamber will be a trusted source of information for its members and for the Camden Haven business community for issues affecting business including electricity savings, grants opportunities, taxation and industrial relations.

Professional Development & Best Practice

Camden Haven Chamber will facilitate professional development and networking events to encourage and support best practice, collaboration, partnerships and innovation of its members and the Camden Haven business community.

Camden Haven Chamber will also share with its members and the Camden Haven business community and encourage participation in other professional development and networking opportunities being facilitated by other business networks and training providers in the region.

Tourism & Community

Camden Haven Chamber will support events, projects, community groups, sub-committees and product development that attracts day trip and overnight visitors to the Camden Haven and improve the recreational amenity of the Camden Haven therefore making our area a more attractive place to visit, live and do business.

Key Goals 2019-2020

  1. Activate ‘Revitalise Laurieton’ and finalise a five-year plan for the revitalisation of Laurieton CBD.

    Measure of success:
    Cleaning of Laurieton CBD footpaths, delivery of engaging community Christmas celebrations, identification of short-term, mid-term and long-term goals for ‘Revitalise Laurieton’ Five-year Plan

    Strategic priorities:
    Collaboration & Innovation, Tourism & Community

  2. Deliver an engaging and valuable professional development program for members

    Measure of success:
    Six professional development and/or networking events across relevant topics, increase average attendance by 20%, Increase attendee satisfaction by 10%

    Strategic priorities:
    Professional Development & Best Practice, Collaboration & Innovation

  3. Strengthen relationships with members and representation to key stakeholders including local, state and federal government representatives, NSW Business Chamber and business networks in the Greater Port Macquarie.

    Measure of success:
    Identification of 3 key issues effecting business in the Camden Haven in consultation with members, strong and strategic representation at bi-monthly Business Hub meeting, quarterly Mayor meeting, establishment of regular meeting with state and federal MPs

    Strategic priorities:
    Representation & Information, Collaboration & Innovation

  4. Increase business growth in the Camden Haven benchmarking against Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Forster, Taree and Sawtell.

    Measure of success:
    +5% growth in the number of businesses operating against benchmark

    Strategic priorities:
    Tourism & Community