‘Your Business is Food’ food-waste reduction program

‘Your Business is Food’ food-waste reduction program

Maximise profits by cutting food waste – learn how for free

Did you know that NSW hospitality businesses throw away up to 33% of their food on average? What a waste!

Learn how to cut food waste, save money, boost your profits and improve your environmental credentials with the FREE YourBusiness Is Food program.

While cafes and restaurants are recovering from COVID-19 and preparing for a busy holiday season, now is the time to make simple changes to achieve significant savings.

How does ‘Your Business Is Food’ work?

You’ll receive free support and handy resources to step you through the program. A MidWaste officer can come to your business and work with your team to:

  1. Do a FOOD WASTE REVIEW to discover where the majority of food is being wasted – preparation, storage or from tray and plate waste?
  2. Develop an ACTION PLAN to reduce food waste – a simple one-page plan that is quick and easy to implement
  3. Track your RESULTS with a follow-up review – see where the practical solutions have helped you cut costs and reduce food waste
  4. CELEBRATE your achievements – share your success with staff, customers and your community

Success stories

Watch how Drury Lane in Port Macquarie put more money back into the business by reducing food waste with some clever, creative ideas.

Element Bar in Coffs Harbour found the eye-opening process helped chefs make easy changes while improving customer satisfaction.  

Get involved!

Sign up by emailing projects@midwaste.org.au

The program is being delivered in your area thanks to a partnership between Council, MidWaste and the EPA.