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Laurieton Riverwalk Markets

3rd Sunday Of Every Month

We have conducted the Laurieton Riverwalk Markets for over 20 years, attracting hundreds of residents and visitors to Laurieton on the 3rd Sunday of each month, re-investing profits back to the community.

Market Tents Laurieton Riverwalk Markets Camden Haven NSW

Upcoming Market Dates

  • 19th December 2021
  • 2nd January 2022 
  • 16th January 2022
  • 20th February 2022
  • 20th March 2022
  • 17th April 2022
  • 15th May 2022
  • 19th June 2022
  • 17th July 2022
  • 21st August 2022
  • 18th September 2022
  • 16th October 2022
  • 20th November 2022
  • 18th December 2022

About the markets

The Laurieton Riverwalk Markets are held on the third Sunday of each month, with an extra market on the first Sunday of January. The markets take place at Bruce Porter Reserve, Laurieton, adjacent to the Camden Haven River with the stunning North Brother Mountain as its backdrop.

The Laurieton Riverwalk Markets operate between 8am and 1pm. On average there are 150 stall holders at each market selling a huge variety of products including plants, candles, clothing, furniture, jewellery, food, coffee and secondhand goods. Buskers and entertainment are provided by market management for patron enjoyment.

Camden Haven Chamber initiated the Laurieton Riverwalk Markets over 20 years ago and they are now managed by a part-time Market Coordinator. Profits generated from the market are reinvested back into the Camden Haven community through donations and sponsorship of local events and projects.

Market Stall Application

If you are interested in having a stall please email with what you would like to sell and your details including your public liability insurance.
Please Read Our Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Laurieton Riverwalk Markets are operated by the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce Industry and Tourism Inc. (the Chamber), through the Market Coordinator, in compliance with a development consent, license agreement and schedule of conditions set down by Hastings Council. These requirements are included in the following Terms and Conditions: 

Trading Hours

8.00am – 1.00pm. Stallholders must operate from the site for the whole of that period or forfeit permanent status. These hours maybe extended and gates will be kept closed if public participation is still prominent. This will be at the discretion of the market co-ordinator, if they feel that car movement will be dangerous the market will continue until such time they deem safe.

Site Bookings

A booking form must be fully completed and signed by all stallholders when coming to the market for the 1st time and they must also provide details and a copy of their insurance cover.

Site Setup / Dismantle

Set up shall not commence before 6.00am, be complete by 8.00am and site to be cleared by 3.00pm. Ensuring no rubbish is left and site to be clean.

Site Reservation

Stallholders must be on site by 7am. If not, the site may be offered to others. Stallholders missing a market without notifying the market co-ordinator will result in that site being allocated elsewhere.
No guarantees will be given concerning the occupation of an individual’s “permanent” site.

Site Allocation

A stallholder must occupy the site allocated. A change of site may be negotiated for subsequent markets with the Market Coordinator if this is possible.

Site Boundaries

All stallholders must remain within the boundaries allocated.

Stallholder Notification

Cancellation Notice: Cancellations by stallholders must be advised by the Wednesday prior each market or full fee is charged; unless cancellation due to extreme weather or the stall-holder can evidence an emergency.

Stallholder Parking

All vehicles must be removed from the public reserve by 8.00am and parking on the reserve is not allowed. Stallholders must not block access to the sea rescue building, public wharf or boat ramp. Parking of vehicles must be within the areas allocated for stallholders (south and east side of Tennis Court fence) and comply with marshals’ instructions for traffic control and parking.

Fees & Charges

A copy of the booking form (buttons at top of page for online or pdf versions) provides details of fees currently applicable. Stallholders are asked to pay before the day where possible by the 10th of the month. In extraordinary circumstances where cash is received on the day, a receipt will be issued. Please keep your transaction information when paying online or at a branch.


All stallholders must have current public liability insurance cover in the sum of $20,000,000 and provide a copy of their certificate of currency.

Site Power

A limited number of sites with electrical power are available for a small charge. Prior arrangement for one of these must be made with the Market Coordinator advising rating details of the equipment to be used. All power extension leads and boards to be supplied by the stallholder and have current valid test tags. Leads must be laid safely and be properly secured, within all OH&S safety regulations.

Site Cleanliness

Stallholders must clear up rubbish around their stall and take this off site. Council and Chamber bins provided around the site are for the use of the general public and not for stall-holder rubbish.

Market Access

The sub-committee reserves the right to limit the type of product/goods sold and the number of stalls. Stall-holder access to the market is based on acceptance of and compliance with these terms and conditions.


Buskers and clowns will generally not be required to pay a site fee. Access to the market for other forms of entertainment will be by arrangement.
Noise levels from amplified loud speaker systems must not exceed the background noise level by more than 5dB(A) when measured at any affected premises. All amplified speaker systems must be positioned to face away from the residences in the area.

Charity Groups

Charities and not for profit organisations will be required to pay agreed site fees and must provide insurance certificate of currency.

Compliance with National Food Safety Standards

All stallholders engaged in the preparation, handling and storage of food and offered for sale are subject to the provisions of the National Food Safety Standards, Food Act 1989 and regulations and requirements of Hastings Council Food Safety Officer.

The stallholders CERTIFICATION of food preparation areas, (wether it be on site or at home) can be obtained through council at

The stallholders OBLIGATIONS for selling and handling of food at a temporary event can be obtained through the NSW Food Authority at

On request, stallholders must provide copies of all required permits and/or licences to the Market Co-ordinator prior to set up. All certification and inspection fees are payable by the stall-holder.

Further guidance for food businesses on the skills and knowledge requirements of Food Safety Standards can be obtained from

O H & S

Stallholders are responsible for compliance with Occupational Health & Safety requirements, Hastings Council regulations and all other applicable laws relating to their activity and cover any license or inspection fees.

Amusement Rides

Any mechanical rides must have the appropriate current registration certificates issued by WorkCover of NSW and relevant Council approvals.

Use of Common Areas

Stallholders are not permitted to block or obstruct any walk way or common area with any material. Council property, benches, tables, fences, trees etc must not be used as any part of any stall display.
Stallholders are not allowed to solicit the public in walkways or free areas by means of excessive noise or personal physical contact.

Stallholders must not restrict by means of displays or vehicles any access to driveways or car parking of the Sea Rescue Building Public Wharf or Public Boat Ramp at any time.

Management’s Reservation of Rights

The Chamber reserves the right to cancel this agreement without suffering any liability from the stallholder.
The Chamber is not liable to the stallholder for any loss suffered by the stallholder from any cause whatsoever, including failure to provide adequate security on goods or money.
The Chamber has the right without prior notice to add or change any rules and regulations which in its sole discretion it considers necessary for the conduct and smooth operation of the market.

Presentation and Cleaning

Stallholders are required to maintain a clean and attractive display area and to provide all tables, signage and stall display material to the appropriate standard for the Riverwalk Market.


In resolving any disputes, the Chamber will apply these terms and conditions. The decision of the Chamber however is final.

In the event of noncompliance to any of the above conditions, the market co-ordinator will record the incident and a notice in writing will be issued by the Chamber to the stallholder. One notice only will be given. Further indiscretions will result in the stallholder forfeiting their market site. The stallholder will be notified by phone and a follow up notice in writing.

Laurieton Riverwalk Markets Contact

Laurieton Riverwalk Markets Contact

Olwen Williams

Market Coordinator

0428 695 084