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Camden Haven Gift Card

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Keeping spend in the Camden Haven by encouraging people to spend at participating local businesses. Proudly sponsored by Kew Corner Store, Laurieton Residential Resort, and Laurieton United Services Club.

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About The Camden Haven Gift Card

The Camden Haven Gift Card is an EFTPOS based gift card available for spend at participating businesses across the Camden Haven. The Camden Haven Gift Card program aims to support local businesses and keep spend in our region by encouraging people to shop local. The initiative is a part of a wider push by the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce to stimulate spend in the area, supporting employment and economic growth in the Camden Haven.

How The Camden Haven Gift Card works

Camden Haven Gift Cards will be available for purchase from participating ‘Load-up Stores’ from July 2020. Load-up Stores will accept payment of any amount between $20-$1000 and load that amount onto the gift card. Funds on the Camden Haven Gift Cards can only be redeemed at businesses who have agreed to participate in the program (i.e.: a ‘participating store’). The gift cards can be used like a normal EFTPOS card for redemption at any participating business within the Camden Haven.

How do I become a participating store?

Any financial member of the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce who has an EFTPOS machine can participate in the Camden Haven Gift Card program free of charge. There are no additional fees to become a participating redemption store, however standard EFTPOS fees apply. Once you have become a 2020-2021 Camden Haven Chamber member, contact to register to become a participating store. We will arrange a time to visit your business, set up your EFTPOS device and train your staff.


Thank You To Our Sponsors!

The Camden Haven Gift Card is proudly sponsored by

Laurieton Residential Resort

Kew Corner Store

Laurieton United Services Club