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Camden Haven Farmers

About Camden Haven Farmers

The Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce and the Camden Haven Show Society recently engaged with the Camden Haven rural community and received feedback that a sustainable and long-term way to support recovery from the recent bushfires would be an education campaign which provides our farmers with improved linkages and access to the local market and educates community and the consumer on how to buy local farm produce. The Chamber was successful in securing Bushfire Recovery Assistance funding to deliver this project which was titled “Our Way To Recover”.

The Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce has engaged a journalist and videographer to interview four Camden Haven farmers to showcase the different styles of farming, their land, their techniques, their property, their product, and where and how residents and businesses can access it.

The videos will be shared and promoted via social media and other stakeholders to reach residents and businesses and educate them on how to support Camden Haven farmers. The videos will also provide valuable content for the destination marketing of the Greater Port Macquarie region. As part of the greater campaign, additional editorial and promotional pieces will be rolled out throughout 2021.
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Amber Drop Honey

Bee Farming 

Ana and Sven Martin Amber Drop Honey

Little hobby making a big difference

A sweet product in the Camden Haven food bowl is Johns River’s Amber Drop Honey. Ana and Sven Martin began keeping bees as a hobby and a practical way to save the bees in their neighbourhood. Both are now farmers passionate about being kind to the environment and championing local produce and businesses.


Taste the Camden Haven in every bite

A sheep farmer from New Zealand travelled to Australia for a working holiday in the mid-1960s. He stumbled on a pearler job and built a life and legacy for his family, which is an icon of the Camden Haven. Rob Armstrong, and his wife Jenny, landed in Australia and found work with an oyster farmer on the George’s River in Sydney.

Armstrong Oysters

Oyster Farming


Col Cowan

Dairy Farming 


Care for animals and land produces exceptional flavour

Dairy farmer Col Cowan loves the whole ecosystem of producing milk. He is the third generation of farmers to work the land on his 270 acres property at Johns River on the NSW Mid North Coast.


Talking to the animals

Sean Gleeson is a man who throws his heart and soul into everything he does. When he and his wife Jody took on her family farm in the Camden Haven 11 years ago, Sean was rolling up his sleeves to make the most of the opportunity.  He’s also a man who loves a good chat. When he moved from working in a busy engineering shop near Sydney, managing 50 boilermakers, to a beef cattle farm in the Camden Haven, the conversation moved from two-legged to four-legged creatures.

Sean Gleeson

Beef Farming


Jointly funded under the Commonwealth and New South Wales Bushfire Community Resilience & Economic Recovery Fund